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Critical Popcorn - 02.02.21

‘Stagnant’ review

Premiering on the new Arrow player, these excellent short films showcase the very best new film talents delivering a bite-sized nugget of thrills and kills!


Voice Magazine- 29.09.20

‘We Got It Easy’ review

This short New Creatives film created by Jess Bartlett and Elise Martin seemed to really capture the realism of British school life.


UK Film Review - 04.07.20

‘Dearly Departed’ review

If Elise Martin has a full stage musical in mind then I would very much like to see it. With the right casting, design and promotion this could be a massive hit.


The Film Magazine- 10.05.20

‘Dearly Departed’ review

Dearly Departed is not your average musical. For one, it has a particularly talented female-fronted crew, and two, it has ghosts. Imagine a mixture of Waitress and The Sixth Sense, and you’ve got Elise Martin and Jess Bartlett’s entertaining new short.

Untitled design (2).png

Film Craziest- 08.05.20

‘Dearly Departed’ review

The zombie horror-comedy musical Anna and the Apocalypse was one of my favourite films of 2018, so when I heard about the short film Dearly Departed, a 13-minute haunted house musical that blends comedy and romance, I knew that was right up my alley.


Screen Mayhem- 08.05.20

‘Wither’ review

In just three minutes it establishes it’s folk horror aesthetic, the rules of this particular monster and delivers an effective stalking sequence. There’s a bleak fairy tale quality to this effective little chiller.

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