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Killer Shorts - 12.05.23
Presenting the BEST horror short screenplays of 2023

Scripts Available by Request Only. Simply click “Request this Script” to email the screenwriters!


Killer Shorts - 24.04.23
2023 Killer Shorts Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2023 Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition. These exceptional short screenplays were selected from over 1,033 submissions. Congratulations!


Film Hub South West - 30.09.22
BFI Shorts2Features: Meet the Cohort

Across the next six months, we’ll be working with the five producers and five directors to try and make those ambitions a reality, and put these rising stars on the UK film and TV industry radar.


FilmHounds - 30.10.21
Fearsome Frights without the Finances: How Terror Arcade made themselves out of nothing

To me, it’s clear that Terror Arcade are the Horror Stars of Tomorrow, making their name today. Their shorts speak with sophistication and understanding of what terrifies and horrifies brilliantly...


BBC Arts - 10.05.21
"They'll tell me to man up": Five powerful explorations of mental health

Elise Martin and Jess Bartlett's short film We Got It Easy harnesses the power of a musical as it follows a group of young people throughout a seemingly ‘average’ day in Britain. 


BFI Network Report - 12.01.21
Rising producer Jess Bartlett unpacks her time on this flagship initiative

Over three days of online workshops and talks, myself and eight other producers recently participated in the BFI NETWORK South West New Producers Lab.


Voice Magazine - 29.09.20
Interview with Jess Bartlett and Elise Martin

Jess and Elise explain their love of musicals, the power of juxtaposition, and offer great advice for anyone looking to enter the film industry.


Film Hub South West - 25.09.20
BFI New Producers Lab 2020: Meet the Participants

BFI NETWORK South West are pleased to present our participants for the New Producers Lab 2020, a remotely taught scheme led by Bristol Screen Producers for new and aspiring film producers.


Arrow Films - 15.09.20

Horror Lockdown Competition: Get to know our winners 

Following our Horror Lockdown Short Competition public vote, STAGNANT took the Audience Award home! Ethan Evans (Director) & Jess Bartlett (Producer) share their journey that gave birth to STAGNANT.


Arrow Films - 28.08.20
The winners of our Horror Lockdown Short Film Competition are here!

10 shortlisted entries have been reviewed by directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead who awarded the Best Short Film Award to the short of their choice. The Audience Award goes to the short that YOU selected.


University of Gloucestershire - 25.03.20
Graduates scoop Best Horror Film at Cardiff International Film Festival

The original film was co-written, directed and produced by Ethan Evans and Jess Bartlett, who led a crew entirely made up of alumni from the BA Film Production class of 2018. 


BBC Arts - 16.09.19
New Creatives showcases next generation of filmmaking talent

Talent development scheme New Creatives encourages artists aged 16-30 to push creative boundaries and reflect their experiences of living in Britain today. From insomnia-induced fantasies to a very different highschool musical.

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