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AWARD WINNER - NAHEMI Undergraduate Film
AWARD WINNER - Four Royal Television Soc

Short, Musical, UK (13 mins).

In a house full of spirits, Vera must learn to balance her relationship with both the living and the dead as she discovers what she truly desires in life and love.

Dir. Elise Martin, Prod. Jess Bartlett, Written by Jess Bartlett and Elise Martin, DOP. Elliot Howarth, Production Designer. Montana Allaway-North, Editor/VFX. Nicholas Bendle and Harry Clarke. Sound Designer. Chris Hopgood. MUA. Kate Goulding. Music and Original Score by Demi Marriner and Robbie Cavanagh.

Starring: Betty Denville, Ashton Spear, Olivia Warren, William Paul, Sean Kilty and Lamissah La-Shontae. 





- Winner of 'NAHEMI Undergraduate Film Award' 2018 at Encounters, Bristol, UK.

- Winner of 'Best Student Film' 2019 at Indie-Lincs, Lincoln, UK.

- Winner of four RTS 'Craft Awards' 2019 including Camerawork, Production Design, Original Score and Overall Film at the Royal Television Society West Midlands Event, Bristol, UK.

- Winner of 'Best British Entry' and Diamond Award' 2020 at British International Amateur Film Festival, UK.

- Winner of 'Best Musical UK' 2020 at South Coast Film Festival, UK.

- Winner of 'Best Musical' 2018 at Screentest Film Festival, London, UK.

- Winner of 'Best International Film' 2019 at Carolina Fear Fest, Carolina, USA.

- Winner of 'Best Short Film' and 'Best Writing' 2019 at Sick Chick Flicks, North Carolina, USA.

- Winner of 'Best Female Singer' and 'Best Male Singer' 2019 at L.I.M.P.A, UK.

- Honourable Mention for 'Best Director' 2018 at Independent Short Awards, USA.

- Honourable Mention at INDIs Film Festival 2019, UK.

BEST MUSICAL - Screentest The National S


- Official Selection at British International Amateur Film Festival, 2020. Nominated for 'Best British Entry' and 'Best In Competition'. 

- Official Selection at South Coast Film Festival, 2020.

- Official Selection at Sick Chick Flicks, 2019.

- Official Selection at Carolina Fear Fest, 2019.

- Official Selection at INDIs Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at Cheltenham International Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at 307 Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at L.I.M.P.A, 2019.

- Official Selection at Bellingham Music Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at Capital Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at 'On The Pulse' Cinemagic Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at Indie-Lincs Film Festival, 2019.

- Official Selection at London Cinefest, 2019.

- Official Selection at Screentest Film Festival, 2018.

- NAHEMI Screening at Encounters Film Festival, 2018.

- NAHEMI Screening at Aesthetica Film Festival, 2018.

- Official Selection at Independent Shorts Awards, 2018.


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